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Belle Cheveux Hair Extensions is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality best virgin hair that can be worn in a variety of styles, lengths, volumes, and textures. We are a wholesale and Retail hair importer that offers PURE natural Indian, Malaysian, Italian, & Brazilian Virgin hair ranging from 12” to 30” in length.

With proper installation and care, Belle Cheveux Hair Extensions look so natural and versatile; you will never go back to the low-quality beauty supply blends. Belle Cheveux Hair Extensions are made of such high quality, that they can be used again and again, offering a tremendous value for your money.

Take the first step in significantly changing the way you look and feel...

Corporate Location

Our Beautiful Hair extension show room is located at 1512 Piedmont Ave NE, loft #5, Atlanta, GA 30324
All operations, sales, productions, and customer care is conducted at this location.

Quality Assurance

"The Virgin Hair treatment"

After the initial selection process of hair, each bundle goes through quality control inspections. Hair is then processed without chemicals leaving hair cuticle damage-free. Our unique polymer cross-linking treatment adds life-span and longevity to the hair, which helps to minimize tangling or matting during wear. This careful process leaves hair soft, bouncy, and luminous.

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